Auto Conservation

Cryopreservation of sperm is done in donors semen but sometimes as a part of therapy husbands semen (AIH) is required, rather necessary in some situations Unless you preserve the husbands semen in some conditions it is almost all the chance to come up with infertility in future & leads to psychosomatic diseases.


Application of Auto conserved Husbands semen

1 .  Cryopreservation associates with husbands insemination is often considered before any therapy that endangers the donors  reproductive integrity. This is a common practice before chemotherapy  or radiotherapy for malignancies. These therapies produce azzospermia  in most treated adult males and have small likelihood that these men will eventually recover spermatogenesis after therapy is discontinued. Testicular t u m o r s tend to occur in young men and  the surgery and subsequent chemo and  r a d i o t h e r a p y  will make such men sterile. Storage of semen samples  prior to therapy & their use in artificial insemination at a later date will allow these patients to complete fairly long after the tumours is successfully treated.

2 . Another application of cryopreservation concerns  fertility insurance for vasectomy  candidates.

3 . A number of husbands who work abroad or may be away for few months or at the crucial time of ovulation treatment has to be delayed till husband returns home . such delay in therapy may be avoided by storage of  husband samples for use during therapy.

4 . Problems concerned with sexual  intercourse may  occur among  intercourse could & occasionally the associated infertility may be overcome using  semen that has been stored .

5 . In many patients having neurological  diseases ejaculation may be a problem & it may be difficult to produce a semen sample. Such semen sample is valuable & if it can be stored safety sample van be used in a next ovulation.

6 . men who anticipate problems collecting sample during IUF or GIFT procedures can store their semen in bank in advance of the procedure use in the event a fresh  ejaculate is unobtainable .

  1. in case of Oligospermia, attempting to concentrate sperm by freezing multiple