As your are well aware about sperm washing. Sperm washing is a procedure used to prepare sperm for use in IUI, it allows sperm a better chance for survival & fertilization. Sperm washing can remove dead sperms & those sperm with poor motility & poor quality. Sperm wash may help in unexplained infertility, male factor infertility, women with endometriosis men with antisperm antibodies.
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different techniques can be used for different clinical conditions. Recently we have observed the due to readily available media of different companies many laboratories are dorm semen wash in germ-infested conditions. Poor quality & substandard media with simple wash success rate i decreased & ultimately monetary weight increases on patient’s head as well as infection. There are some ideal semen wash techniques which needs technical expertise & laboratory infrastructure and also enhance the result of semen wash.

Simple sperm wash (Basic wash) Most of the laboratory people perform this technique. The simple sperm wash technique is the most basic way of washing& preparing sperm for IUI.

Density gradient sperm wash (Mini Premium) The density gradient sperm wash is one of the most popular sperm washing methods. This because it also works to separate dead sperms cells. whit blood cells & other waste products from the sperm.

Heparin containing medium wash (Premium): Although heparin plays an important role in NMn sperm capacitation, there is no direct evidence fora role in embryonic development. Treatment o spermatozoa with heparin has a different on pronuclear formulation, cleavage rate (63% vans 76 83%) and number of celIs in blastocysts b(68 cells versus 82-109 cells).

Density gradient (Five column) wash (Extra premium): With the help of this technique all sperm which are highly motile can be collected in pellet & it has no mixing of dead or robust or an chemical which prevents conception. High success rate in conception.

Agatsya Sperm Bank guarantees that all semen analysis is conducted within one hour of collection, insuring results that are significantly more accurate, combines both technical & clinical expertise.

We hope that you will avail the recent technique services form our side & will get credit fro, infertile couple. Yours truly,