Donor Sample

Cryopreservation of donor samples and donor sample services is the most important activity of sperm bank almost 30% of couples show very severe degree of male infertility. Very  strict selection  critectria should be used in selection of donors. Screening and quality control to make the procedure effective and safe.

As far donor  as donor insemination is concern let use few worlds about “ fresh vs Frozen  semen “ in the past  Fresh semen was routinely used in therapeutic donor insemination. However with recent increase in HIV incidence and other sexually  transmitted  diseases the of Fresh semen  is discouraged  in most developed countries. The main reason being that one time screening  for  HIV, HBsAg  etc is not sufficient to rule out the presence of these infectious agents .it  can take more than three  months  for the donor ‘s antibodies  to be detected using the present  available techniques. Thus to ensure safe samples semen has to be quarantined for at least three  months after which  the donor  is retested before release of samples.

Many Doctor believe that frozen semen is less effective than fresh semen because  cryopreservation of the semen result in diminished motility and viability but it is a wrong belief  with considerable afforts techniques now frozen semen show more than 80% motility of the sperm cells.        ADVATAGE OF CROPRESERVED SAMPLE

1 . quarantine sample with appropriate testing.

2 . Ease of scheduling insemination when ovulation is optimal.

3 .  Availability of consistent quality of sample .

4 . Advance matching of donors  physical data with husband.

5 . Multiple insemination in a given cycle or in same with the same donors samples possible.

6 . Commercial & 24 hours availability.

Duration of storage dose not effect sperm survival oldest sample to produce successful  pregnancy after 18 years of storage was recorded in CECOS the sperm bank in France . warming rates also denote  affect sperm survival much.

In India now a days awareness has come in couples. There are few banks in some metropolitan cities due to this & no strict guidelines for screening  of donors & regulating authority the common practice is to select a donor on the basis of this qualification or looks “ or others” often the semen samples sent to a pathologist for analysis are sold after analysis.

Recently one guideline from the Indian council of medical research has been polished in favour of the patients & they have given national guidelines for accreditation, supervision and regulation of ART clinics in India. We hope this article will help you in Assisted reproductive techniques                         “Donor sample At door Step Delivery Available”