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Our Specialties

  • Door Step Delivery hospital.
  • Prime importance of counselling with patient.
  • Sperm washing, also known as sperm preparation that separates sperm from seminal fluid & ready for IUI, > 80% result.
  • HIV and pregnancy is no longer impossible, the sperm themselves are not thought to carry HIV on their surface, risk reduction done by spec semen wash technique.
  •  Auto conservation in vasectomy, testicular – prostate surgery, Men in military, job exposure to hazardous materials, professional athletes, oligospermia, Oligozoospermia, malignancy/chemotheraphy.
  • Microscope eyepiece digital camera.
  • Computerised software based of all reports & facility of online report to patient & doctor.

Donor screening

Donation is largely anonymous .Donors are subject to tests for infectious diseases such as HIV-1 and HIV-2,syphillis,chlamydia,Gonorrhea,Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis c Virus, thalessemia .Generally Donors are screened for Height, weight, hair color, eye color, skin color, complexion, age, sperm group and may also provide additional information about the donor’s achievements and educational merits


We provide counselling so that couples (or individuals) can open discuss their feelings, fears and concern having a donor-conceived child talk through issues, audio CD(Rajkot Akaswani had made one Theme ”Aaj ki Ranna de”(Means child giving goddess) including Donors view, Recipients talk, Experts Doctors opinion etc. is very useful because it’s a natural talk amongst all.


A sperm bank takes a number of steps to ensure the health and quality of the sperm which it supplies and it will inform customers of the check which it undertakes, providing relevant information data about individual donors. sperm is produced by way of masturbation. The sperm will be checked to ensure its lushness and also to ensure that motile sperm will survive the freezing process. sperm washing is required prior to storage because it removes chemicals which may cause adverse reactions in the uterus. It also enhances the fertilizing capacity of the sperm and thus recommended in case of immunologic, male factor or unexplained ingertility.sperm is stored in small vials or straws holding between 0.4-1.0 ml and cryogenically preserved in liquid nitrogen step by step. Donor sample ID No will be display on vial.

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